Making Oneself Acquainted with Manik Stone

Its raging popularity having transformed it into basically a household name, there is not much that neds to be stated in addition when it comes to Manik. The name is a local moniker from India that is fondly used to signify the gemstone the world knows as Ruby, and irrespective of what one may choose to call it, the popularity and fame of the gemstone is universal.

The fact that the Manik is special is not an exaggeration. Gemstones are naturally recognised and considered to be beautiful, but the Manik certainly goes the extra mile. Unbeknownst to many, it too is a variety of Sapphire, and thus a member of the Corundum mineral family tree, occupying the centre stage with Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire. The dazzling shades of Red that the gemstones come in are almost imbued with the gemstone’s fame. The colour of a manik is its most telling attribute and determinant; the pigeon-blood-red shade is popular to the point of being infamous and is coveted around the world as the most precious.

Coming to the more pertinent astrological side of the gemstone, potential buyers would do well to know that the dominating sun-sign of the gemstone is Leo, but members of other sun-signs can wear it too, especially those of Sagittarius, after consulting a trusted astrologer. In Indian mythology, the stone is known to have been referred to by ancient Vedic texts and scriptures, which state its association with the Sun God. As the Sun is known to be the life-force of all humankind, the gemstone is known to fill its wearer with the same energy and vitality as that of the Sun God. The wearer of the gemstone is also known to achieve a positive outlook towards life in general and find fortune and prosperity in all potential ventures. The stone is known to accord to its wearer a peace of mind, which helps them gain clarity and foresight in their potential decisions. The Manik gemstone is also known to bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer, and any business they might be affiliated to. Owing to these benefits, the gemstone is preferred heavily by people in the line of business, and in high ranks in society that demand the grace and fortune the gemstone is renowned for.

The issue with manik can be labelled as pragmatic, which makes it all the more important. Manik is as you may have guessed, an especially rare gemstone, with only few known sustainable sources of the mineral to be known to exist. What follows is not hard to guess either; instances of fake manik gemstones being sold to customers to trick them for either malice or, more commonly, financial gain, are not uncommon.

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