A Quick Guide to Car Discount Insurance in Texas

Under Texas law, you have specific rights as a consumer with car insurance. It is found under the Bill of Rights and includes the right to information, the right to get information that isn’t misleading or deceptive, excess limits, and the right to reject PIP and UIM or UM as long as your vehicle is not under any loan agreement. In addition, after 3 years of clean driving history, you have to be insured as a regular policyholder which awards you with a lower rate than the Texas Auto Insurance Plan Association (TAIPA).

Last October 2020, TAIPA increased its rates by 4.8% overall. To be more specific, Bodily Injury rates increased by 4.4%, and Property Damage Liability rates increased by 4.4%. It’s important to know these updates because, under the law, your insurer can increase premiums provided you are informed 30 days before the increase is implemented while you have 5 days to file your objections.

How to Find Discount Insurance

Direct Auto Insurance is a company with offices in Texas; they will quote rates based on your vehicle, driving record, and coverage. One advantage in dealing with Direct Auto Insurance no credit check is done and the Direct Auto insurance payment schemes are negotiable because they believe in offering affordable plans. The minimum Bodily Injury liability insurance in Texas is $30,000/$60,000 while $25,000 for Property Damage. Auto Insurance quotes are available online although discounts will have to be discussed personally because it would depend on what you qualify for. Contact your agent for more details.

General Auto Insurance is another insurance company in Texas. They are known for their low-cost plans and according to the majority of the General Auto insurance reviews, the company is always willing to help those with problematic issues like poor driving history and a low budget for car insurance. They have a toll-free number, 1-800 General Auto Insurance, to get more information on their products and discounts although you can also log into their website to access General Auto Insurance locations and get an online quote.


Other insurance companies you should contact or log in for online quotes are Farmers Insurance, State Farm, Rodney D Young Insurance, GEICO, Citizensinsurance.net, Tradersinsurance.net, Allstate, and Esurance. Once you have their online quotes, the process of auto insurance quotes comparison is very simple. Just match the figures, fine-tune the details and then pick your top 3 insurance companies. Once you have this list, start calling and talking to an agent. Don’t be embarrassed to ask about discounts. They may not bring it up as a matter of course so it would depend on your aggressiveness to pin them down to a lower rate. You should have some information ready in case they start asking questions. These details would be regarding the following:

1. Your age, gender, civil status, and number of years driving

2. Your credit history including property and car ownership, and your occupation

3. Your vehicle details

4. Your driving history

Finally, you will be asked the type of coverage amount you are willing to pay and the deductible amount. One simple way to add more discounts to your insurance expenses is to get a bundled package which is to buy more insurance from the company like health, home insurance, or life insurance. If you would like to learn more about Texas auto insurance coverage, go to insurantly.com to learn more.