Missions on Gibbons: Cody Decker

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A year has passed since John Gibbons was re-hired by the Blue Jays. The fanbase has mixed feelings about the skipper, with many gunning for Gibby to be fired. This is of course, solely results based, and blaming the manager on the pitching staff getting hurt, players having down years, and our star shortstop missing almost half of the season is completely insane. Our Blue Jays Plus consensus on Gibby is a positive one, we love him. We believe he is a great tactician and from what we can see, an awesome baseball man. This said, I am open to believing otherwise, as we simply don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

One of the ways you can dig deeper into what a manager is really like, is getting a player’s perspective. Well, that’s just what I’ve done. Gibby managed the 2012 San Antonio Missions, a Double-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. I tracked down their outfielder/1st baseman Cody Decker and asked him a few questions about what it was like playing under John Gibbons. Here it is…

As fans, we can really only judge Gibby on the tactical side of the game, can you give us some insight on what he was like in the clubhouse?

He was a truly great manager. How he handled his players to how he handles the game itself. He trusts his players to do their job. He was practically an artist when it came to keeping the clubhouse loose. He made the game easier.

Over his tenures in Toronto, we’ve seen Gibby involved with numerous conflicts/screaming matches with his players, is that passion just something that comes with the territory with Gibby?

I think it’s something a team needs. Whether it’s from a player or a coach. He gives you the freedom to do your job, but if you don’t go about your business the right way something needs to be said. Gibby has a passion for the game, and it rubs off on his players. If I were to get out of line, not only would I understand him getting on me, I’d appreciate it. 

What will you always remember about Gibby?

I will remember that he is the best manager I’ve ever had the pleasure to play for. I root for him. He made me a better ballplayer. I am forever grateful.

Wow… That’s some really high praise. Perhaps Jays fans should think again before criticizing Gibby

I will have more San Antonio Missions on to talk about playing for Gibby, stay tuned!

Picture Courtesy of UCLA Baseball via Flickr