Kendall Graveman’s 11 groundouts in one GIF

Last night, Kendall Graveman continued his ascent through the minor leagues, pitching 7 shutout innings in his third AAA start. He obviously looked quite good in the box score, inducing 11 groundouts by throwing strikes, which is what he does best. For more on exactly who Graveman is, because lets be honest, nobody actually knows who he is, check out Andrew Stoeten’s post that talks about him on DJF from a week ago. After you have, watch this GIF of all 11 groundouts against him last night. It’s fun.

About Gideon Turk

Gideon grew up in Thornhill, Ontario, and for reasons unbeknownst to him, started to like the Blue Jays in 2004. He is currently a Freshman majoring in biology at Yeshiva University in Washington Heights, NY.

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