BlueJaysPlus Podcast Episode 27: Josh Johnson & an Interview with Drew Fairservice

It has been a while, but there is finally a new episode of the podcast! In this show, Chris and I discuss Josh Johnson not being offered a qualifying offer, and Chris interviews Drew Fairservice of Getting Blanked to discuss a number of things baseball related.


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Drew’s “My Approach” articles can be found by clicking HERE.

Intro/Segment music via Metallica Ride The Lightning.

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About Gideon Turk

Gideon is currently a High School senior in Thornhill, Ontario,the city where he has lived his entire life. At the age of 8 Gideon became enthralled with the Blue Jays, and 5 years later he started the original BlueJaysPlus. You can follow him on twitter, @gideonturk.