BlueJaysPlus Podcast – Episode 23.2 – Emergency Mort-Cast

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Laughing Dickey

We have an unexpected mid-week emergency edition of the podcast. In this case it was Chris flying solo on this one, because when the bat signal went up from our favourite scout Zach Mortimer he was the only one available to respond. Zach had run into some difficulty with some Blue Jays fans on Twitter while discussing former Jays top prospect Noah Syndergaard, and needed a way to get his feelings across in more than 140 characters. Since Zach has been our favourite guest, and is always generous with his time with us, we couldn’t say no.

If you’re looking for sunshine and rainbows from this edition (or the show in general for that matter), I’d move along, cause this isn’t for you. Noah Syndergaard is a hell of a player, and if some fans want to bury their head in the sand and refuse to believe that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Anyway in this episode, Chris and Zach spend a good 30 minutes extolling the virtues of Mr. Syndergaard, while at the same time belittling some of the Jays fans who don’t have a firm grip on reality.

Music this week coming in is Mr. Mortimer’s theme song of “Big League” by Red Rider, and going out its “Someday” by the great Steve Earle

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  • McLean_Deluxe

    One of the biggest reasons Mort was getting so much opposition was because of his consistent insistence that he and other executives/scouts didn’t understand and couldn’t defend why the trade was even made. But of course 5 minutes in to this all of a sudden he acknowledges that HE UNDERSTANDS why AA made the move. What the fuck?! Could have saved himself lots of time but just saying that first.

  • McLean_Deluxe

    It is ridiculous for some fans to try to discredit the talent and potential of Syndergaard and you have to acknowledge very likely NS does hold more asset value. That said, when did we start valuing trades month by month especially when a huge piece is the most volatile asset in all of the major sports? Look at Bauer/Gegorious. At time of trade DBacks were total morons, then by June, DBacks were way ahead of Indians and now that Gregorious is back to not hitting along with Bauer still walking everyone, it’s closer to even. Point being that if Mort wants to say right now Mets made out like bandits that’s fine(and right) but don’t insist that has zero chance of changing. That is just naive. If next year Syndergaard is scuffling a bit in AAA or is banged up just a little and Dickey is a 3 fWAR pitcher, which is all very possible, the scales will be much more balanced, because surprise, that is the game of Baseball.

  • McLean_Deluxe

    I do still feel sick over the trade and the point that if you were to trade 2 of your top 3 prospects for a SP it shouldn’t have been for Dickey.

  • Chris Sherwin

    I think what Mort understands is that the Jays needed a final piece of the puzzle and that’s why the trade was made. What he can’t understand is why it was a 38 year knuckleballer.