BJP Podcast Episode 37: Tanaka Talk with @AndrewStoeten

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Ewan and Chris are back after an extended hiatus, and on this episode, they talk about Masahiro Tanaka going to the Yankees, the Blue Jays options for starting pitching after Tanaka, available second basemen, and what to do with the bullpen. Following that, they talk with Andrew Stoeten of DJF about numerous things, mainly #TanakaGate and Stoeten’s incredible rant article about the “5 year policy”.

As always, music by The Isotopes.

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  • JefQ27BlueJayz

    Are you guys just into the numbers and the past performances? I really think that 2B is a non issue and Goins will lock it down and HIT. The new hitting coach Selzer was quoted as (lemme go look it up)

    It’s a long link I know but hey better than you having to do it! This article was a good indication of Goins ability to progress. I think there will be a new attitude in the bat on the ball department designed around small ball until the clean up tandem of EE and Jose come up to the plate. From what I can gather about the way they brought in Seltzer, JPA might have benefited from him in a big way. Whole new philosophy.

    I think the same as you in regards to Tanaka, the long term is what matters most. And I think it wise for the Team not to waver from policy. Once you break a rule for one guy, you sign Vernon Wells and Rios.

    I think the new hitting regimen will benefit the players like Navarro and Goins the most. One thing I have learned about these guys (AA and Beeston) is they are careful and if you look at it the path they took, I believe 2013 was not really part of the plan. The BIG Deals last season were, to me, undisciplined and not what the overall vision for the rebuild was.

    Now we are back to Stand Pat. Which I like, because I am one Blue Jay fan who has been through the wait for a long time and seeing what the Club has become from where it was, the here and now isn’t as important as the long term overall standing of the organization.

    • Chris Sherwin

      I’m excited for the new hitting coach. I’ve said a new philosophy in certain situations has been needed for a while now. Having said that, Seitzer isn’t going to put a magic fix on Goins who has zero hit tool.

      • JefQ27BlueJayz

        Darn I was really buoyed by the article in that link. Let’s hope the impossible happens.